SinCo - the sustainable investment company - design global investment architecture and investment advisory firm with a principal consultant and a network of outsourced and project-specific talent. SinCo's flat business model with regional and domain expertise is best suited to the demands of global asset management businesses: it is nimble, lean, tailored, and global. SinCo is able to deliver results for institutional investors (pension funds, asset managers, investment advisors), stock exchanges, asset consultants, policy-makers, private bankers, family offices and investment service providers.

Our mission?

SinCo designs the investment architecture for a sustainable world that makes the investment case for long-term performance by integrating externalities.

SinCo has grown to be an agile advisory team delivering high-value, high-impact investment services. On these pages, you can find more information about SinCo’s services offerings, our principles, history, company culture and team. A lot has changed since 2006. But some things have not changed: our dedication to our clients and our belief in the possibilities of the sustainability to advance the practice of asset management and institutional investment.

Our value proposition?

SinCo stimulates our clients' best work with our original thinking on how to make sustainable investment happen through the integration of ESG factors, so our clients deliver global best practice to their investors and/or stakeholders.

Beginning in 2006, founder Graham Sinclair built a model for recalibrating the asset management process for institutional investors to integrate sustainability - environmental, social and governance factors - across the investment value chain, the 7P Model. By 2012, SinCo has earned respect for its original and insightful work (see Portfolio of Work) making the case for ESG in investment, and making the investment case for sustainability. In 2012, SinCo is undergoing the rigorous yet straightforward B Corp Certification Process to formally recognize our mission-driven business model enabling the growth of the sustainable investment theme through products & services, education and advocacy. B.Corp ( is used by the world’s leading social entrepreneurs to assess, compare, & improve the company’s social and environmental performance.

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When hiring SinCo, the project team is led by the ESG architect, with a project team of analysts and / or advisors allocated to your specific project needs. The project team is selected from a partner cohort of talented investment and sustainability professionals, including graduates of leading business and policy schools. The project team matches the culture and challenges of each client with the right personnel over the project time horizon. SinCo maintains a small core team and an international network of colleagues  who collaborate on specific client projects ranging from design of investment products, to reporting on PRI assessments, to building sustainability and ESG indexes, to primary research on barriers and opportunities for sustainable investment in frontier markets. Project partners may include investment practitioners, political and environmental economists, research academics, think-tanks, marketing and public relations experts, evaluation & performance professionals, collaborating NGO initiatives, legal advisors and compliance counselors.

Graham Sinclair


Graham is a sustainable investment strategist, ESG investment architect and global project leader. At SinCo - sustainable investment consulting - his engagements model investment architecture integrating environmental, social and governance factors into investment strategy, processes and indexes. His work has covered investment themes on all continents. Before joining KLD in Boston, he worked in pensions consulting and investment banking through 2002. Graham chairs the Prudential Assets Working Group of the investment industry group, ASISA and lifetime member of Net Impact. Graham is President of the not-for-profit, independent Africa Sustainable Investment Forum project,,

Graham has graduate degrees in business and law and lectures on sustainable investment at leading business schools in North America, Europe and Africa. He has contributed three chapters [Private Equity, Frontiers in Africa, Sustainability Indexes] to "Evolutions in Sustainable Investing" [Wiley Finance, 2011]. He resides in Vermont, USA and Cape, South Africa.

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Fatima Rustin

Chief Administrator

Fatima Rustin is the Chief Administrator at SinCo responsible for the coordination of virtual and local office management and administration. Ms Rustin is the owner of Admin Professional an outsourced business providing administrative support to the management and team of SinCo and has a collective experience of 15 years in office management, administration and human resource administration. 

Ms Rustin holds a BA Business Degree in Human Ecology, a Diploma in Human Resource Management and Training, and a Diploma in Bookkeeping; and she is currently involved in an entrepreneurial apprenticeship with Action COACH Business Coaching.  She is a candidate member of the International Association for Administrative Professionals (IAAP). She lives in Cape Town, South Africa with her husband and children.

Cherie Vale

Creative Associate [Intern]

Ms Vale is a Creative Associate at SinCo supporting the SinCo team with creative, still photography and graphic design project work. During her studies she has worked part time photographing Sports, with the main focus on cycling.  Capturing an image is not just simply pressing the button it is how you capture a moment that will tell a story.  Through her photography she wants to make a difference in peoples’ lives and help connect people from different life styles. Ms Vale attained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Applied Design specializing in Photography at the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography. Visit her online photography archive.

Sangeeta Ballal

Analyst [Intern]

Ms Ballal is a Strategy Intern at SinCo.  She will assist with developing relationships with key stakeholders, and performing market research and competitive analysis for SinCo’s internal strategic plan. Sangeeta  is currently pursuing a dual master’s degree in Business Administration and Environmental Management at Duke University.  In 2010, she helped design a business plan for a wind development project for a First Nation community in Canada.  She helped develop and implement a carbon management plan and carbon calculation tool for Southern Energy Management, a solar and energy efficiency company in North Carolina.  Prior to graduate school, Ms Ballal worked at ArcLight Capital Partners, a private equity firm that focused on energy investing, in a portfolio management function.  She is also the co-founder and President of the Business and Environment Club at the Nicholas School of the Environment and on the cabinet for Association for Women in Business at the Fuqua School of Business.  Sangeeta received a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Business from Boston University.


Francois Theron

Analyst [Intern]

Mr Theron is a Research Intern at SinCo. His project focuses on developing the Sustainability Indexes Benchmarker (SIB) benchmarking fifteen sustainability indices globally. After articles at PwC he conducted analysis of the Deposit-taking Institutions (DI) reports to the South African Reserve Bank, reporting to the Micro Finance Regulatory Council as well as the development of accounting systems at Capitec Bank. Currently he is administrating, accounting and reporting on the CH Wiese Group’s offshore portfolio. Mr Theron is completing his MBA thesis at University of Stellenbosch Business School.  Francois received his undergraduate degree in Psychology, Economics and Industrial Psychology from University of Stellenbosch and B.Compt (Accounting) degree from the University of South Africa.


Kirsty Stewart


Ms Stewart added her skills to the SinCo team as an Analyst in 2011. She has extensive experience in research & analysis in financial services through ten years of consulting with KPMG South Africa and KPMG Hungary. She has worked in Europe, Asia and Africa developing sustainable business plans and feasibility studies for clients. Primary research in each country has been a priority in her work enabling a global focus that is aligned with local trends and cultures. Ms Stewart was recently part of a team that completed a business plan for an US$1 billion integrated real estate, hotel and entertainment precinct in Abu Dhabi, and was also instrumental in determining the potential for Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates.

Ms Stewart has a B.Com in marketing from the University of South Africa and resides in Cape Town, South Africa. 


Pamela Leste – De Perindorge


Ms Leste-De Perindorge added her skills to the SinCo team as an Analyst in 2012. Ms Leste-De Perindorge has several years of experience in the ESG field, and currently lectures sustainability, environmental issues and geography in tertiary institutions and also conducts economic and sustainability research on emerging markets with a special focus on Africa. Previous roles include Operations Manager at Glamis Research Institute (Mauritius), Research Manager in a leading provider of ESG data (2006-2009) based in Switzerland where she analysed hundreds of CSR / Sustainability reports for companies listed on main stock exchanges world-wide. Ms Leste-De Perindorge has in the past also worked for the Mauritius Chamber of Agriculture in the field of agricultural diversification, natural resources and environment

Ms Leste-De Perindorge holds a BSc Econ. in Geography & Environment from the London School of Economics, a Pg. Dip in Agribusiness Management from Imperial College University of London and a MBA from Poitiers, France. She lives on the island of Mauritius.

Bronwyn Reddy

Creative Associate

Ms Reddy joins the SinCo team as a creative associate. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree from AFDA in Film and Performance in 2006 and has been working in the performance / film industries ever since. She has extensive experience in theatre and film some of her credits being Kramer Petersen Songbook, Grease The Musical, Jesus Christ Superstar and Disgrace opposite John Malkovich. She is also a recording artist, with session work under her belt. She has also recorded her debut album Love Constant with SAMA award winner Mark Fransman as producer.


SinCo welcomes new talent into the sustainable investment space. If you are interested in intellectually challenging work at the cutting-edge of sustainable investment, responsible investment, impact investing and integrating ESG into investment practice, we invite you to send a short motivation letter [maximum 300 words] and a one-page resume [include city, time zone, and language capabilities] and one-page biography to


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"Graham was instrumental in the planning, kick-off and growth stages of [FIRM] multi-phased strategy of factoring ESG analysis into the investment decision process. His deep knowledge of sustainability issues, business strategy, risk assessment, and stakeholder engagement helped to form the basis for a highly successful integration of robust environmental, social and governance analysis." Sustainable Investment Project Manager, New York, USA.

"Graham quickly mastered our internal needs and requirements, understood our culture, and made broad contributions in equities, fixed income, real estate and alternatives. He was generous in sharing his ideas and stepping up when we needed his expertise, which was transferable across sectors and asset classes." VP Sustainability, trillion-dollar institutional investor, New York, USA.

“Graham consistently stretched resources and challenged co-workers to excel. He brought fresh thinking and unrivaled work ethic to bear on furthering the organization.” - ESG Engineer, global asset management firm, Boston, USA

"Graham was an exceptional adjunct professor teaching Investments in Sustainability when I met him. He is an exceptionally talented speaker able to keep everyone in the class engaged throughout the 8 hours sessions. Graham has an uncanny ability to take difficult concepts and break them into easy to digest bits. He is refreshingly genuine, incredibly articulate and passionate about his trade." MBA Student, USA 

At KLD, Graham went out of his way to suggest and pursue strategic business partnerships to enhance the value and increase the use of KLD's research on corporate social, environmental, and governance performance. Graham was also instrumental in helping keep KLD abreast of trends and movements in the SRI industry. Graham proved that he can keep up with the pace of business. He's willing to abandon ideas, even his own, if they're not good for the company - a critical skill as an entrepreneur or businessman in a relatively nascent industry. He's a talented, giving colleague with a positive attitude, deep network of professionals and friends in the industry, and admirable ability to juggle a million competing priorities while inspiring and motivating his team.”- Strategic Operations Manager, global sports brand, Oregon, USA

“Graham is a smart, creative and innovative self-starter. I have had the pleasure of working with Graham and his leadership, energy and wonderful sense of humor have contributed to the success of each project. Nevertheless to say, I have the utmost respect for Graham. His admirable work ethics and excellent people skills will continue to take him very far, wherever he wants to go.” - Investment analyst, global investment manager, Boston, USA

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