Sustainable Settlements Facility (SSF) Project

Sustainable Settlements Facility (SSF) Project: Meeting the financing challenge in low-income housing for a low carbon and climate resilient future.


COP 17 "Climate Finance & Low Income Housing”
Climate Change Response Expo (CCR Expo), Durban International Convention Centre
Durban, South Africa
5 December 2011  10AM – 1PM
Event hosted by DBSA + SSN Africa, moderated by SinCo.

Making the sustainable investment case in southern Africa for the Sustainable Settlements Facility, and action plans for 2012. Meeting the financing challenge to provide low-income housing today for a low-carbon and climate-resilient future

In 180min seminar, provide audience of investors, advisors, funders and stakeholders the basic understanding of SSF, have participants understand the connections between their roles and SSF opportunity, make the sustainable investment case, with a move to action in 2012.
Rhetoric > results. Pilot > scale. Funding > finaning. Global Aid > local investment. Idea > action.

Using 4 short presentations to explain the project to date, milestones and next steps, before inviting structured live feedback from 5 panelists from civic society, public and private sector. Audience participates in interactive seminar session.
Collaborative to expand insights and cover more perspective. Articulate arguments based on facts through presentation of investment conviction. Using a theoretical background, this seminar will maximize the real-world exploration and experience of the SSF promoting housing in low-carbon future

10.15 – A Brief History of SSF – Ms Chantal Naidoo/DBSA
10.30 – System logic - Mr Carl Wesselink/ SSN Africa
10.45 – Scaling Up - Mr Steve Thorne/ SSN Africa
11.00 – Financial models - Mr Andrew Janisch/ SSN Africa
11.15 – Review of key points - Graham Sinclair/SinCo + audience participants
11.30 Key Questions – response from representative stakeholders panel + audience participants
Mr. Saliem Fakir (Head of Living Planet Unit WWF South Africa)
Prof. Harold Anngarn (Prof. at the Department of Geography, Environmental Management and Energy Studies, University of Johannesburg)
Mr. Des Hughes (Managing Director Basil Read Developments)
Ms. Sarah Ward (Head: Energy and Climate Change. Environmental Resource Management Dept. City of Cape Town)
12:35 Closing comments – presenters + panelists + audience participants
12:45 Seminar review and next steps  – Ms Chantal Naidoo / DBSA + Graham Sinclair / SinCo

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  • Media release forthcoming
Check back regularly for new dates added. We look forward to meeting you and engaging in conversation about the research, findings and recommendations to grow Sustainable Investment in global emerging markets, including Africa.


Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA)
The Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) is one of several development finance institutions in South and Southern Africa.  Its purpose is to accelerate sustainable socio-economic development by funding physical, social and economic infrastructure.  DBSA’s goal is to improve the quality of life of the people of the region. The Bank plays a multiple role of Financier, Advisor, Partner, Implementer and Integrator to mobilise finance and expertise for development projects. The DBSA will advance development impact in the region by expanding access to development finance and effectively integrating and implementing sustainable development solutions.

South South North Projects Africa (SSNA)
South South North Projects Africa (SSNA) is a Section 21 (not-for-profit) institution delivering innovative climate change projects that explore the connection between climate change, poverty alleviation and development. SSNA seeks to undertake innovative pilot projects as well as up-scaled larger projects and programmes. SSNA aims to build southern capacity to secure sustainable development through climate change projects that mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to the adverse effects of climate change, transfer appropriate technology, and deliver applicable policy lessons – informing policy makers.

KfW Bankengruppe
We finance the investments in the future made by German citizens and SMEs to ensure that the German economy remains strong, as well investments in municipal and social infrastructure to advance structural change and the common welfare. We finance projects of German and European companies so that they can also assert themselves in global markets. We finance economic and social progress in developing and transition countries so that people have better lives. We are one of the leading and most experienced promotional banks in the world. We apply our knowledge and our energy to sustainably improve economic, social and ecological living conditions. As one of the world's leading promotional banks KfW is dedicated to the sustainable improvement of economic, social and ecological living conditions.



Ms Chantal Naidoo / DBSA
Mr Carl Wesselink / SSN Africa
Mr Steve Thorne / SSN Africa
Mr Andrew Janisch / SSN Africa
Mr Graham Sinclair / SinCo
Mr. Saliem Fakir (Head of Living Planet Unit WWF South Africa)
Prof. Harold Anngarn (Prof. at the Department of Geography, Environmental Management and Energy Studies, University of Johannesburg)
Mr. Des Hughes (Managing Director Basil Read Developments)
Ms. Sarah Ward (Head: Energy and Climate Change. Environmental Resource Management Dept. City of Cape Town)


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"Graham brings energy, ideas and networks for solutions to complex challenges linking good business practice with good development practice. He is an exceptional facilitator of expert panels and groups of diverse stakeholders." - Manager, international financing facility, international organization, Geneva.

"Graham was extremely helpful in helping get up the curve on our sustainability initiative. Graham was very knowledgeable and insightful and allowed us to quickly get up the curve on Sustainability." - Chief Administrative Officer, Global Real Estate, trillion-dollar New York headquartered global institutional investor.

"[SinCo] brings a balanced and realistic perspective to sustainable investment and the claims related to performance. As a sustainable investment architect, [Graham] provides tangible and practical points of view on the subject without sacrificing the intellectual rigour that is needed to better understand the challenges facing the sector. Furthermore, Graham's enthusiastic and entertaining style makes the challenging subject of finance one worth listening to." - Associate, global social responsibility consultants, France

“Graham brings energy, ideas and networks for solutions to complex challenges linking good business practice with good development practice. he is an exceptional facilitator of expert panels and groups of diverse stakeholders.” - Fund manager, international organization, Geneva, Switzerland.

“Graham has one of the most fantastic international networks that I've ever encountered. His understanding of, and passion for, responsible investment makes him one of the most knowledgeable in the field. I've always been impressed with his delivery and focus.” - Sustainability officer, leading premium retailer, Cape Town, South Africa.

“I have known Graham personally for over 20 years. Graham is one of the most motivated and focused people I know. Graham is committed and trusted in his work and in his relationships. He invests passionate effort in everything he does to attain the best” - global human resources officer, global investment bank, London, UK.

“Graham launched the Boston Professional chapter of Net Impact and his leadership was instrumental in the chapter being awarded the "Rookie Chapter of the Year" award. Graham steps up, takes the lead, and always goes beyond what's required. I'm pleased to endorse him - highly recommended.”  - Professional Net Impact member, Boston, USA.

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