SinCo – Sustainable Investment Consulting LLC - is a boutique investment advisory firm specializing in sustainable investment architecture in frontier and emerging markets. SinCo has a reputation for addressing our clients’ toughest problems and coming up with hard solutions. Our global portfolio of work has spanned work in USA, Mexico, India, Thailand, Singapore, Brazil, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Switzerland, Sweden, South Africa, Turkey, Kenya, Nigeria, Denmark. Our work in multiple countries attests to our ability to adapt, isolate key issues, and work pragmatically. Below we outline five main capabilities that we believe are fundamental to successful execution of this engagement. We believe that SinCo is uniquely positioned to offer integrated capability across all five.

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1. A distinctive understanding of investment industry 
SinCo is a leader in ESG integration in investment strategy. In the past 3 years, we have designed and (co-)produced 5 masterclasses, over 15 industry events, and led 3 major research projects in Africa, as well as multi-stakeholder private-public partnerships globally and in Turkey. Examples of the work we have conducted include:
•    Sustainable Returns Project: Phase I 2011 - 2013
•    Sustainable Investment in Private Equity in Southern Africa Project 2011 - 2012
•    Sustainable Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa Report 2009 – 2011: Private Equity and General Asset Management Practices in S.Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria

2. Expertise in multi-stakeholder investment workshops
We have served a wide range of clients, and delivered above expectations. We know the soft and hard skills needed to guide a workshop of experienced, talented, busy people. It's not easy, but we seek to deliver with a mix of rigour, and humour. We encourage clients to invest in preparing for successful workshops, that it's worth the time to clarify what we hope to accomplish, craft an agenda, handpick participants, issue pre-work, and send out notes with key decisions and next steps. SinCo applies the design approach of design, build, test, re-design to understand client problems, inform the development of the sustainable investment case, map new approaches to sustainable investment, and develop answers for client action. Examples of the work we have conducted include:
•    Private Equity PEACCHIS Briefings 2011 - 2012
•    ESG Forum 2011 - 2012
• ESG Masterclass 2012
•    Responsible Investment Roundtable COP17 Side Event 2011
•    Lectures & Seminars at Duke University Fuqua School of Business, HEC Paris MBA Program, UCT Graduate School of Business, University of Exeter School of Business, Harvard Kennedy School, and Yale University.

3. Global presence with extensive network across social, public and private sectors
SinCo has a global presence, which includes an extensive network footprint in growth markets. Our work in Africa has helped open doors of knowledge and understanding for the investment value chain. SinCo has a small, focused team, we typically allocate our intellectual and project management resources to run a maximum of 5 - 8 projects with partners on our project boards at any point in time. As a proponent of sustainable investment in frontier and emerging markets, we choose to donate our time and talents pro-bono to important initiatives, projects and people. As architects of sustainable investment, responsible investment, impact investment and other forms of integrating ESG into investment practice, the activities support projects for systemic or investment ecosystem reasons projects. Examples of the work we have conducted include:
•    Emerging Markets Disclosure Project  2008  -  2012
• Marketplace 2012 Trends Report Project
•    ASISA Responsible Investments Investments Sub-Committee 2009  -  Present
•    US Sustainable Investment Forum (USSIF) Trends Reports  2005 - 2007 

4. Deep industry experience in unlisted investment public pension sectors
As part of the firm’s global commitment to growing the understanding of long-term investment, SinCo has been serving to support public initiatives to grow the market. SinCo offers external perspective to internal development, benchmarking against best practice [for example beyond just the annual PRI, GRI, EP3, CRISA etc reporting processes]. Graham Sinclair and the SinCo team have designed, developed and produced a variety of investment education events. SinCo designs for Sustainable Investment Masterclass - in day, week and semester-long formats - have been delivered at for executive education and leading graduate business schools' MBA programs globally. Examples of the work we have conducted include:
• Marketplace Trends 2012 Project  
•    Sustainable Investment in Private Equity in Southern Africa Project 2011 - 2012
•    Sustainable Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa Report 2009 – 2011
•    Thomson Reuters 2nd Trading Africa Conference 2012 “AFRICA – WHERE NEXT?” Keynote address: Cape Town, South Africa, 15-16 October 2012   
•    Financial and policy innovations: Stimulating private sector engagement in impact investing with Elizabeth Littlefield, CEO of Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), 6 August 2012
•    See more at and 

5. Strategic research and communications expertise
We have deep research capabilities based upon a network global team of knowledge professionals who support SinCo client engagements and knowledge building efforts. SinCo plugs into our research process our remote research analysts specializing by sector, and include experts in the private equity and venture capital sector. Examples of the work we have conducted include:
• Marketplace Trends 2012 Project  
•    Access to Nutrition Index (ATNI) Project 2008 - 2013
•    ESG inefficiency of Capital Markets in Emerging Economies Project 2008


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