EVENT SPOTLIGHT - The Conference Board Ethics & Shareholder Value Summit 2013

With the recent financial crisis and increasing public awareness about corporate governance, business sustainability and ethical business practices, a growing number of institutional investors are looking more closely at companies that are seen as ethical or socially responsible. These investors are placing an increasing emphasis on the importance of the ethics, transparency and good corporate governance, as well as the social, economic and environmental consequences of their investments. Hear first-hand from several investors that have taken this approach.


Kimberly Byer-Clark, Program Director, The Conference Board


Randy Stephens, Vice President, Ethical Leadership Group, NAVEX GLOBAL


Adam M. Kanzer, Managing Director and General Counsel, Domini Social Investments

Graham Sinclair, Principal, SinCo and President, AfricaSIF.org

Damien J. Park, Managing Partner, Hedge Fund Solutions, LLC

Jared Landaw, Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel, Barington Capital Group, L.P.

Zachary Oleksiuk, CFA, Vice President, Corporate Governance, BlackRock

The basics of SRI and what people and investors look for

 *   What is the real return on investment

 *   The value that SRI brings to a company

 *   Corporate governance

 *   Sustainability practices

 *   How do these all connect to each other

Qualifying questions to the audience:

How many of you are the Chief Compliance Officer of your company?

How many of you have direct responsibility for sustainability/SR/ethics programs at your company?

The basics of SRI and what people and investors look for?

A. What are the basics of SRI?

B. What are investors and activist shareholders really looking for in a SR program? (Adam) Value of SR programs From a corporation’s point of view?

From the investor’s point of view?

Do regulators take SR into account?

Can investors and companies see $$ or bottom line results improve because of SR?

Is the value of SR greater in some industries than in others?

What is the most important component of a SR program?

What is the role of corporate governance in the SRI program?

Form and substance of corporate governance - what lessons from JPM 2013 AGM and NBIM 2012 position on corporate governance? (Graham) How do Corporate Governance and SR relate?

What are some of the major corporate governance changes activists have been pushing for over the past few years? (Daniel) How have Companies responded? (Daniel) What has been the net effect on corporations?

Is governance improving?

 Has it positively impacted share price performance?

Challenges in SRI

Jurisdictions (emerging markets and Bumi Plc – Graham) -How do you address these challenges

Is SRI working?

CalPERS emerging markets principles 5 years on - is it having the right impact?

ESG in the mining sector - if the firm wins plaudits for good corporate citizenship, why are their miners still striking and their investors leaving?

What is next in the world of SRI and Corporate Governance?

Where do companies go to obtain assistance with identifying, developing or assessing their current SRI programs?


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"[Graham] demonstrated his solid expertise in this field, explaining the complex sustainable investment value creation process in a clear and simple way that I cannot forget. He is a great and inspiring communicator, making people feel that every one can matter to create a more sustainable world." MBA student, France

Graham combines great teaching abilities with a natural authority. He encourages students to think for themselves and come to their own conclusions: this creates the perfect storm for creative debate and progress of everyone involved. Thanks to him, students, partners and colleagues get more sensitive to sustainability issues, contributing to making SI a norm rather than a niche." MBA student, France

“Thanks to his dynamism, his outstanding teaching qualities and expertise, Graham conveys easily to his students his passion and knowledge regarding socially responsible investments and the development of ESG approach. It has been a pleasure attending his course.
" MBA student, Switzerland

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