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Articles from academics and investment practitioners that SinCo has found useful in understanding sustainable investment in context of capital markets systems, the pursuit of sustainable long-term performance, and stakeholder relationships:

  1. Can Jeremy Grantham Profit From Ecological Mayhem? By CARLO ROTELLA New York Times, August 11, 2011
  2. Why Sustainability Is Now the Key Driver of Innovation, HBR Articles by Ram Nidumolu, C.K. Prahalad, M.R. Rangaswami, 1 September 2009
  3. Mainstream or Daydream: The Future of Responsible Investment, S. Lydenberg and G.M. Sinclair, The Journal of Corporate Citizenship Issue 33, April 2009 ; issN 1470-5001, p. 47-67
  4. What Matters in Corporate Governance? By Lucian Bebchuk, Alma Cohen, and Allen Ferrell, The Review of Financial Studies, 22:2, 2009, 783-827. 
  5. Impact of the FTSE4Good Index on firm price: An event study, M. Martin Curran, Dominic Moran, Journal of Environmental Management, Volume 82, Issue 4 , March 2007, Pages 529-537.
  6. Socially Responsible Investing: Growth and Development in International Markets, Sheryl A. Law and Jot Yau in Advances in international investments: traditional and alternative approaches by Par Hung-gay Fung, Xiaoqing Eleanor Xu, Jot Yau, 2008*+invest*+perform*+sri+esg&ots=_oEhGKiz4c&sig=NytGrk5_9nCDKvAWnxAa-YHcA5w#v=onepage&q&f=false
  7. Investing In Socially Responsible Companies Is A Must For Public Pension Funds – Because There Is No Better Alternative, S. Prakash Sethi, Journal Of Business Ethics 56: 99–129, 2005
  8. Guidelines for Integrating Socially Responsible Investment in the Investment Process by Frank Jan de Graaf, Alfred Slager, The Journal of Investing  Fall 2009, Vol. 18, No. 3: pp. 70-78
  9. Non-Governmental Organizations, Shareholder Activism, and SRI, Guay, Doh, Sinclair ; Journal Of Business Ethics 52: 125–139, 2004
  10. "The Wages of Social Responsibility," by Meir Statman of Santa Clara University and Denys Glushkov of Barclays Global Investors
  11. Are Ethical Investments Good? (August 11, 2009). - Chow, Gariet, Durand, Robert B. and Koh, Sze Kee, 22nd Australasian Finance and Banking Conference 2009. Available at SSRN:
  12. The Relationship between Environmental Social Governance Factors and Stock Returns, Evans, John R. and Peiris, Dinusha, (April 7, 2010). UNSW Australian School of Business Research Paper No. 2010ACTL02. Available at SSRN: 
  13. ESG Implementation in Venture Capital Investments - A qualitative study of Swedish State-owned Investors, M Adestam, S Husberg -, September 2010
  14. Identifying impediments to SRI in Europe: a review of the practitioner and academic literature, Carmen Juravle and Alan Lewis, 3 JUN 2008, Business Ethics: A European Review, Volume 17, Issue 3, pages 285–310, July 2008
  15. The Challenges of mainstreaming Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues in Investment Decisions A mini-survey of practitioners’ reports, Kenneth Amaeshi (Cranfield School of Management) and David Grayson (Cranfield School of Management)
  16. Putting Sustainable Investing Into Practice: A Governance Framework For Pension Funds, Claire Woods and Roger Urwin, 2010  and Journal of Business Ethics
  17. 2007 Winning Paper: "Does the Stock Market Fully Value Intangibles? Employee Satisfaction and Equity Prices"
  18. 2006 Winning Paper: “Monitoring the Monitor: Evaluating CalPERS’ Activism”
  19. 2005 Winning Paper: “The Economic Value of Corporate Eco-Efficiency”
  20. The Business of Climate Change, Challenges and Opportunities, Lehman Brothers/John Llewellyn February 2007
  21. Funds: Less Than Meets the Eye March 1, 2007, Ways to invest in environmentally focused vehicles are still limited, and portfolios may harbor a few surprises-like oil and casino stocks by Alex Halperin 
  22. 2 March 2008 Climate-friendly investing... with nuclear? 
  23. Broadening Horizons For Responsible Investment: An Analysis Of 50 Major Emerging Market Companies, David Tozer, EIRIS, September, 2006
  24. Investing in sustainability: An interview with Al Gore and David Blood 
  25. Investing In Socially Responsible Companies Is A Must For Public Pension Funds - Because There Is No Better Alternative, S. Prakash Sethi, Journal Of Business Ethics 56: 99-129, 2005.
  26. JP Morgan Australia Equity Research 23 July 2007: Australian Research Water Supply in Australia and the Impact on Listed Stocks.
  27. A Legal Framework For The Integration Of Environmental, Social And Governance Issues Into Institutional Investment, UNEP FI & Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, October 2005
  28. Breaking Down The Wall Of Codes: Evaluating Non-Financial Performance Measurement, Aaron Chatterji, David Levine. California Management Review. Berkeley: Winter 2006.Vol.48, Iss. 2; Pg. 29.s
  29. Returns To Shareholder Activism Evidence From A Clinical Study Of The Hermes U.K. Focus Fund Marco Becht, Free University Of Brussels (VUB/ULB) - ECARES, And ECGI, Julian Franks, London Business School, CEPR And ECGI, Colin Mayer, Said Business School, University Of Oxford, CEPR And ECGI, And Stefano Rossi, Stockholm School Of Economics (ECGI Finance Series 138/2006) December 2006 
  30. Dark Cloud Over Good Works Of Gates Foundation, L.A. Times, January 7 2007.
  31. Environment Who Pays to Repair Louisiana's Wetlands? by Daniel Zwerdling 
  32. Non-Governmental Organizations, Shareholder Activism, and SRI, Guay, Doh, Sinclair, Journal Of Business Ethics 52: 125-139, 2004.
  33. SEC proposals and Timothy Smith's Testimony.
  34. Socially Responsible Investment Combating Climate Change - Opportunities and Risks. Investment Strategy Equity | Europe | Socially Responsible Investment 16 April 2007, Merrill Lynch/ Zoe Knight.
  35. State of Responsible Investment in South Africa, September 2007, UNISA/UNEPFI/PRI, Sept 2007
  36. The Conscientious Investor By Henry Blodget, Atlantic Monthly, October 2007 
  37. The Eco-Efficiency Premium Puzzle, J. Derwall. Financial Analysts Journal, March/April 2005; 61, 2.
  38. The Ethics Of Investments: The wife of Newsnight's Ethical Man has been investigating the ethics of his investment portfolio.
  39. UBS: Why Try To Quantify The Unquantifiable?, Julie Hudson et al, UBS, April 2005
  40. Eurosif 2008 European SRI Market Study
  41. Annual Study of the French SRI Market Novethic, June 2010,
  42. IFC/BSR Sustainable Investment in China 2009 Overview, September 1, 2009$FILE/IFC+Sustainable+Investment+in+China+-+overview.pdf
  43. Actis_ESG_Code v1.2.pdf
  44. CFA Institute: Environmental, Social, and Governance Factors at Listed Companies: A Manual for Investors (May 2008)
  45. Food and Beverages: Corporate Responsibility, Global Socially Responsible Investment, Equity Research, UBS Investment, 25 October 2005. Hudson et al.
  46. UBS Investment Research Global Equity Research SRI & Sustainability Theme Piece ESG Analyser, South African Analyser, South Africa, by Julie Hudson, CFA et al, 3 September 2010
  47. Unburnable Carbon – Are the world’s financial markets carrying a carbon bubble? CArbon Tracker Initiative, Sep 2011
  48. "Mainstreaming the Economics of Nature: A synthesis of the approach, conclusions and recommendations of TEEB" 20 October 2010 at the CBD COP10 meeting in Nagoya, Japan and /pavan_sukhdev_what_s_the_price_of_nature.html
  49. Financing Sustainability: Insights for Investors, Corporate Executives, and Policymakers [Hardcover] Marco Kerste
  50. GMO Quarterly Newsletter Q2 2011 by Jeremy Grantham


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"Graham brings energy, ideas and networks for solutions to complex challenges linking good business practice with good development practice. He is an exceptional facilitator of expert panels and groups of diverse stakeholders." - Manager, international financing facility, international organization, Geneva.

"Graham was extremely helpful in helping get up the curve on our sustainability initiative. Graham was very knowledgeable and insightful and allowed us to quickly get up the curve on Sustainability." - Chief Administrative Officer, Global Real Estate, trillion-dollar New York headquartered global institutional investor.

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." - Associate, global social responsibility consultants, France

“Graham brings energy, ideas and networks for solutions to complex challenges linking good business practice with good development practice. he is an exceptional facilitator of expert panels and groups of diverse stakeholders.” - Fund manager, international organization, Geneva, Switzerland.

“Graham has one of the most fantastic international networks that I've ever encountered. His understanding of, and passion for, responsible investment makes him one of the most knowledgeable in the field. I've always been impressed with his delivery and focus.” - Sustainability officer, leading premium retailer, Cape Town, South Africa.

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