TEDxTableMountain 2013

Investing As If The Future Matters

Saturday 16 November 2013 9AM - 9.18AM 

Cape Town (Limited to 100 people)

Hosted by the TEDxTableMountain organizing committee http://tedxtablemountain.org/

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"Follow the Money! One of the strong themes atTEDxTableMountain 2013. It is our collective responsibility to question where our money is being invested. Graham Sinclair is a champion for stronger focus on Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) factors in investing. Changing investment management into the noble profession it should be..." - Candice Pelser, TEDxTableMountain 2013 organizer.




Investing As If The Future Matters

What if all investments made by all individuals and institutions, together have an impact on the future?Are you investing as if the future matters?

Not metaphorically, not what you tell yourself when you’re dragging yourself out to the gym at 6am or changing a diaper at 2am or pulling an all-nighter. I mean investing with your hard-earned cash.

Are you investing in the long term, as if the future matters?

Are you mindful of the impact your investments are having?

My big idea worth sharing with the TED community is that we can, we must, invest as if the future matters.The institutional investment management industry has over US$ 62 trillion in AuM today, an all-time record surpassing the last high before the 2007 global financial crisis.

That’s money being managed directly and indirectly for a lot of people like me, and you.

We are investment consumers, hiring investment advisory services and buying investment products. Research from a 56 country study of attitudes to investment indicates “Investors rely more on themselves when making investment decisions than on any other information source”.

Then you need to know that in the second decade of the 21st century we have the opportunity to be at the leading edge of sustainable investment, but we need to get in the game....unless we invest for the long term....unless we invest and generate demand that all material factors are used to value our investments - including environmental, social and governance factors...we’re investing in a future that looks a lot like today, only worse.

If you the billion viewers of the TED community do not choose to shift the way professional investment managers practice, will we be too little or too late in shaping a future for finance that is as exciting, as intriguing, as hopeful as the 4000+ speakers at TED have shown us since 1990?

TEDxTableMountain 2013

Exploring The Edge: Limits, boundaries, peripheries, and the enigmatic attraction to them is part of the human condition.

Discovering “the other” as a revelatory process is fundamental to understanding “ourselves”. When we define the “Edge”, we are defining difference – allowing ourselves to see each other in a comparative light. It is this ability to categorize, to separate ourselves along tribal and physical lines that has bounded us, divided us, and inked the history of the world with its permutations. When we find the “Edge” therefore, we find ourselves… our abilities, our affiliations, and our fears. It is also from the edge that we make our leaps into infinite possibilities, and break through boundaries and limitations. Here we find the opportunity to create new blends and commonality.Extreme sports, new technology, and future art fascinate us and expand our perception of what is considered possible. Exploration of minerals and fuel drive us to the Edge of where technology can take us on earth, from the bottom of the ocean, to the Arctic, to a recently announced space mining company.

Interconnectedness and globalization have made us ever more dependent on peripheral actors… the vast flood of humanity living on the fringe of existence. Events on the perceived “Edge” play a large and growing role in global decision-making, systemic change, and catastrophic failures. Business, government, and military decisions hinge ever more on public opinion and mass action in parts of the world that once were considered unimportant…The global Edge.What does this insatiable appetite for expansion tell us about the core tenets of human behavior? Where will the “Edge” be in the future, and is surpassing that Edge key to our existence? Is pushing the boundaries of the “Edge” a good or a bad thing?What kind of people are the ones who “push the Edge”? Join TEDxTableMountain as we bring experts in various fields and disciplines to discuss the concept of the “Edge”. This exciting opportunity is a unique look at a subject whose very existence defines humanity.

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"I've watched your TEDx and in summary I think it's great. Easy to listen to & you present really well (relaxed, interesting, clearly know your stuff...). I like the variation between seeing slides projected, you presenting & visuals - holds attention. You have cracked it in the sense of talking about complex stuff in a way that viewers can easily understand - you get the message across. And yes, agree with you, 1970 was a great year :). Take good care, keep smiling and keep presenting - you're great." - online viewer, London UK.

"Great presentation Graham! Great message, excellent execution and really polished performance. Well done!" - award winning marine wildlife photographer, Cape Town, South Africa. "Very impressive...Surely investment of any kind requires confidence and stability...I will say however that I admire your confident presentation, and you certainly managed to get your message across to the audience. Congratulations...[t]hat is very impressive. You are a great speaker, I am proud of you." - online viewer, pensioner, rural Western Cape, South Africa.

"Graham...you were spot on and I believe that your [TEDx] talk will go beyond this event and will have a profound impact...it was such an important message. Particularly for our country and particularly for an audience like TED. Your presence and way of presenting your idea - with such humility and yet strength and certainty is quite something... Thank you for kicking off this event for us - we stand by the fact that there was no-one better to place on that stage first - please also remember that not only did you present your idea worth sharing - your created the space for the rest of the day - you set the scene. And don't under estimate what a difficult task that is and how incredibly well you did it." - TEDxTableMountain 2013 organizer.

"I enjoyed and it held my interest. I also learned from it. I also liked how you brought in the personal stories to enhance your talk. I was watching it on my phone waiting for a car to come and pick me up. The driver was waving at me frantically but I was too wrapped up in your talk to notice. He had to call me on said phone. Given my increasingly short American attention span - that is quite a feat an a good indication that you were able to translate a sophisticated topic matter into a compelling story that most will easily understand." - online viewer, Washington DC, USA.

"Thought it was really powerful actually, and that you came across really sincere (not that you’re not sincere, mind you). Good job. ( :" - head of corporate responsibility, African premium retailer, Cape Town, South Africa. "Very impressive...watched a little, you're a good speaker man! Impressive!" - online viewer, aviator, Cape Town, South Africa.

"I loved it - my only feedback would be that your body language was stiff – you should loosen up a bit! ;)" - online viewer, Africa trading desk editor, Johannesburg, South Africa. "Doing a TED talk at all is great accomplishment – I would not worry about the errors (to the extent that there are any)." - online viewer, Brooklyn, New York, USA.

"Congratulations! That's great that you got to talk about TEDx about this topic. I thought your talk had good breadth, covered the important points, and had some nice details and tidbits." - online viewer, MBA candidate, Boston USA.

"Congratulations! This is a great presentation which very effectively encourages the audience to become more aware and concerned about the ESG factors in investing. I really enjoyed the personal touches you brought into it: Kwame (and how there are other people just like him throughout the world); your own experience for conferences you’ve attended and your personal ESG story. The call to action to make ours a noble profession was excellent, right on-point! And of course the humour integrated throughout the presentation (I loved the “marshmallow test for adults”!) made it really easy to listen to. I like the fluid style also, easily moving from narratives to data to research to personal applications. Looking forward to future presentations." online viewer, investment researcher, Hong Kong, PRC.

"Awesome. I love those talks ... Congratulations!" - online viewer, private equity Africa portfolio manager, Johannesburg, South Africa.

"Shot Graham! You were an epic opening talk!!" - TEDxTableMountain 2013 co-organizer.

"This is really great. Could go down as a model TEDx presentation. Loved the backdrop and thought it was pitched at just the right level. Understood by the layman but clearly from the perspective of a professional. Thought you could have landed a little bit sooner. Almost went into a holding pattern for the last few minutes as if you were waiting for the clock to run out rather than just landing it. First slide also a bit wordy. Pictures much better. Overall though it was really excellent." - online viewer, African investment research, Cape Town, South Africa. "Awesome talk. So where does the 'layman' meet the institutional impact investors. Where does the rubber hit the ground?" online viewer, social entrepreneur, Cape Town, South Africa.

"Focus on that singular word you want to try to own - in your own way - in the minds of your audience. Congratulations!! Great talk! I love TED! Yes I wish there were more money people with consciences, you must be a minority! I really respect your matter of fact, and truly genuine approach. If I had some money, I would let you invest it for me!!! Funny you should bring up the marshmallow test too! My research is all about self-regulation. We know we should, but we are not explicitly teaching self-regulation skills in our kids, and it may not (or apparently not at all in some cases!) necessarily come naturally to everyone! Congratulations again!! Good job!!" - Ph.D student, Hong Kong PRC.

"Well done Graham! Something I plan to watch more than once so that I can really understand." - online viewer, creative media project manager, Cape Town, South Africa.

"Very impressive! Graham's a fabulous speaker." - online viewer, grade school educator, rural Vermont, USA.

"Just watched it - excellent! One big takeaway? The compound interest chart. I've known this for a long time, but it was a very strong visual reminder. Other feedback - your pace was excellent. A few times your voice drifted down and I had to back up and listen again. But you are an excellent speaker. It was a great mix of advanced & basic information. Or, advanced info presented in an easy to understand way. And it wasn't preachy about ESG, just still compelling. Very well done!!!" - online viewer, organic restauranteur, rural Maine USA.

"Like!!! One big Takeaway: The gap between Kwame and your audience or those sat in an air-conditioned conference in West Africa. Perhaps true sustainability lies in this gap and perhaps the greatest wealth lies in this gap. As you mentioned we all start to invest too late. I think all investments are crucial...Where I feel the greatest level of sustainability will come to bear fruit when individuals invest in the futures of their family units, rather than relying on governments to provide for them. It all worked, it was well balanced..." - online viewer, musician, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

"Amazing! Seriously, I really like how you bring the long term investment and ESG Factors into TEDx. Did you get a good response? Congrats on being part of it, that is really amazing!" - online viewer, small business, New York USA.

"I truly enjoyed the presentation; It was great: succinct and direct. I was happy to learn that more data is available and becoming available for ESG analysis. I found myself missing the heart of the argument that was exposed to us in class, mainly how to evaluate the extent to which reported data is reliable and/or correct. I do believe one (understated) argument is the limited value of any future earning in a world of increased scarcity of clean air/water or extreme climate events, or famine/conflict-driven migrations. The decisions that we are making (or not) today when investing our money are actively shaping the world of tomorrow. Making that link very obvious, even for an informed public as TED's (and the larger public) is an important work and I applaud your continuous advocacy and leadership on this" - online viewer, project manager, Maryland MD, USA.

"Really appreciate the topic and the overall message-- makes perfect sense and I get the urgency...We don't invest as if it matters- we invest from a place of greed and its no wonder so much is eroding....Overall very well presented...First thought, too long. Second thought- you were most impactful when your heart was fully open and in it - what i mean here is where you allow yourself to be vulnerable....continue closing the gap between you and the emotional receptors that are your audience...When you were most engaging it was when that guard, connected through head and heart was down.... the photos, the travel/examples, and sharing what really matters...I also know that you are a disruptor by nature and that there is a way that those who are not willing to disrupt could have entrée to ideas they wouldn't ordinarily try on.... gut that there was a bit of restraint or extra consciousness about "what" you were doing which i can totally understand when you think about the enormity of Ted! Congrats!" - online viewer, industrial psychologist, Boston MA, USA.

"Watched your Ted presentation, very nice.You do pauses really well. It worked well, I understood it all...I see a lot of overlap in our worlds" - online viewer, ETF expert, Philadelphia PA, USA.

"Overall great. Good voice pitch, great eye contact with audience, good personal approach. You clearly know your subject... Drawing on your personal experiences makes things real and that is great. The humor is great and overall, really good. Great backdrop and set up." - online viewer, video producer, Hong Kong, PRC.

"You talked about externalities and how it wasn't good for the baby seal, but you didn't say what/how. not sure if this is common knowledge to your audience in CPT? Great presentation. I loved it. Honestly. Something I am becoming more passionate about... as I experience it and think about it for my kids... as I grow in my faith and see how we are changing His world for our selfish excess. But I always struggle with "what can I do" and "where can I turn to for help". I can't attend investor days. I feel writing to my congressman is worthless due to the immense power of the lobbyists. I feel my investment advisor is limited to the funds he has. By the time we move thru the sea of legal jargon and layers of people and compliance... I'm left with the feeling there are too many battles.... so where do I start? I don't want to just sit back and do nothing, but I'm left with where can I get the biggest bang for my buck/ effort/ time. Listening, you were confident and passionate and you seemed like you were having fun. Looking though, you appeared stern. You've always loved cycling but never cared for Lance or the TdF... glad to see you politely take jab... i mean state the facts." - online viewer, investment professional and homemaker, South Carolina, USA.

"“[S]aw your video which is well put together overall. but allow me to be critical. as someone who thinks about these issues as well day-in day out, i was able to fully understand all that you were talking about and that's why I liked it. But short feedback: make it simpler by packing it less, and dejargonize it. Let me explain, if I put myself in the shoes of a typical TEDx audience who may or may not be familiar about the issues that you allude to that their investment decisions may be leading, I found the talk too jargonistic, too geeky, too much ESG jingbang, but not enough connect with how are my investment decisions really jeopardizing the future in a big way because i'm so small? With the Kwame story, or with COP-17 cartoons, or externalities slide, there were valiant attempts to connect the big-picture with practical on-the-ground reality examples that typical pensioners, who I assume are the general audience, could relate to. but i felt these areas could have been spent more time on in making it more clear about the connect between investment decisions of an Average Joe and the big investors who ultimately have lot of power on the negotiating table because we all gave them that power by giving our money to them to manage ...it's a tough one to crack but i would suggest making it simpler and then allowing people to follow-up with more complex ideas depending on what and how they digest.” online viewer, venture philanthropist, New Delhi, India.

"The presentation is good, and well done for a TEDx in the first place. I reckon you're pretty brave to watch yourself at all, I know I can't...When introducing public speaking to our students (University sophmores, juniors and seniors), I always tell them not to spend too long describing each slide, and never to put in graphs that are difficult to read unless they absolutely have to. Custom build graphics for each presentation so that your message is clear. But so often outside the world of the classroom that is not a possibility and some people handle complex graphs better than others. Well done, you are in the former category...I have recently had a similar sort of conversation to the one you are starting with my financial advisor. I have a socially responsible investment fund for my retirement, but being only in my early 30s and given that...I wondered whether a more competitive fund was a better option so [was] just discussing where the investment actually is, etc. Turns out the SRI fund [alternative] is performing at a level with their higher risk, less ethically sound fund over the long term. I think there was only 0.5% in it. So pretty happy about that- I didn't really want to switch so it was possibly just perversity to know how much I was potentially losing. Good luck with the message and always happy to watch TED talks...:)" - University lecturer, New Zealand.

"I finally watched the video and found it to be interesting and informative. If that was your first, I am quite impressed and congratulate you for “putting yourself out there”. I feel most unqualified to provide feedback…but that never stopped me in the past, so why now? I liked the concept of the “Big Idea” and the way you positioned it in two parts: mindful and long term. The marshmallow test was a great analogy for the value of restraining spending now for investment returns later. The part about the story that you wrote as a child got lost…I did not follow the point. I liked the question at the end regarding “legacy” and the use of Lance as an example of the absence or loss of positive legacy. I also liked the way that you repeated E S G and stated the terms. That helped me. Your style was good; relaxed, animated and conversational. You became more fluid after the first minute or two. Well done!" - professor, operations and administration, top 20 B-school program, USA.

"...[N]ice to see you on TED...I think that your message is one of the most important issues of the day and the import will become clearer in time. I would have preferred to hear you focussing more on making crystal clear the possible global implications of unsustainable investment and specific detail in terms of the more positive future you refer to. IMO the message about individuals starting to invest earlier in their lives is an important one but it has been done and is also a separate issue from ESG (I know they are both investing for the future but one is more linked to individual wealth creation and the other has implications on a global level)...In general I think it is cutting edge and substantial." - industrial psychologist, Johannesburg, South Africa.

"An absolutely must-must-watch TEDx talk by @esgarchitect on #investing as if the future matters" - Editor of Blue & Green Tomorrow, Watford UK.

"Watch @esgarchitect's brilliant TEDx talk about #investing for the long-term and creating the future we want" - Online media providing essential intelligence on how to invest sustainably.

"Great to see @esgarchitect TEDx 'Investing as if the Future Matters'..[s]omeday we'll finally meet in person!" - sustainability professional, Colombo, Sri Lanka

“An inspiring talk for investors everywhere. thanks Graham.” - online viewer, Africa.

“ Sinclair challenges the Tedx community to realize the power they (both retail and institutional investors) have via their investment dollars. His talk centers on updating us on the current state of ESG investments, but also on its potential. Clear and easy to follow. Especially liked the connection with the marshmallow test!” - online viewer, MBA’04 and Kiva Fellow, Greater New York City USA.

“TED-conference 2013 bijdrage van Graham Sinclair: investeer alsof de toekomst belangrijk is. Lange termijndenken en integratie van ESG (milieubekommernis, sociale rechtvaardigheid en transparantie in bestuur) zijn levensnoodzakelijk. Geen Nederlandstalige ondertiteling, maar toch belangrijke boodschap.” - geef je geld meer waarde

Thank you for the opportunity @tedxtablemountain. From where I was standing staring at the rows of dark silhouettes and cameras, fronting the fears of sharing a "big idea".

@igy101: Great TEDx talk by @esgarchitect on the power of money to change the world. Do you know where your money is going? http://t.co/x2YOoDpZdi”

@fletchcm: Great to see @esgarchitect TEDx 'Investing as if the Future Matters' http://t.co/HvSw0xlDao | Someday we'll finally meet in person!”

@bluegreentweet: Watch @esgarchitect's brilliant TEDx talk about #investing for the long-term and creating the future we want http://t.co/cWc3HLfYe7”

@AlexBlackburne: An absolutely must-must-watch TEDx talk by @esgarchitect on #investing as if the future matters http://t.co/hQ6H9P0svH”

@JenMorgan2050: Great TedX Talk Graham Sinclair: 'You can invest as if the future matters'. http://t.co/KJe5d77bQf … @TheFinanceLab @esgarchitect”


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