Villanova University Campus Sustainability Day Alumni Panel

Villanova University Driscoll Hall, room 132, College of Nursing building, LEED Gold certified,

23 October 2013, 5pm to 6pm networking reception 6pm - 7pm.  


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Villanova University Campus Sustainability Day, Alumni Panel is a part of our campus wide celebration of Campus Sustainability Day. 

Campus Sustainability Day is an event put on by Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE). Many campuses across the country use this day as an opportunity to talk about and participate in campus sustainability efforts. 

This is Villanova’s first year participating in this event. Our major focus is to spread awareness of what Villanova is already doing to make the campus more sustainable by hosting a series of three presentations, as well as activities throughout the day. 

The first presentation will be in the morning to discuss what sustainability means and how Villanova is working towards a more sustainable future for our campus. This will focus mostly on operations of the campus, giving viewers an overview of all we do on campus. 

The second presentation, set for early afternoon, will focus on the different sustainability focused academic opportunities, not just degrees, but also classes and research being done across campus that involves sustainability.

The third panel will cap off the day’s events. As panelist I would like you to talk about your time here at Villanova and how your education and the opportunities afforded to you from Villanova may have helped you achieve what you have today. Followed by how you came to your current position, and what exactly you do and how it relates to sustainability.

Each of you will have 6 minutes to present yourself and your story. This is not a presentation, so we are not providing video or visual support for this panel. We are hoping to have one more panelist from the Nursing school, giving us a total of five panelist. Once everyone has spoken we will open up the floor to questions, allowing around 15 minutes for Q&A. Of course, students will also have time to ask you questions one-on-one during the reception afterwards. Local and seasonal food and non-alcoholic drinks will be provided during the reception.


Liesel Schwarz LEED AP O+M, Sustainability Manager, Villanova University www.linkedin.com/in/lieselschwarz


Tad Radzinski: President of Sustainable Solutions, College of Engineering graduate

Adam Agalloco: Energy Conservation Coordinator for the City of Philadelphia, College of Engineering graduate

Brian Alessi: Sustainability Project manager for Sheward Partnership, College of Arts & Sciences  graduate

Graham Sinclair: Sustainable Investment Advisor for SinCo, Villanova School of Business graduate

Villanova University: Why Sustainability?

The Villanova community views environmental stewardship as part of the Augustinian mission. This stewardship includes policies and initiatives that set forth university-wide standards and goals.

Goal 1 - Villanova University will strive to practice the principles of environmental sustainability and wise use of resources within the university community. Villanova will make reasonable efforts to conserve resources. Methods to conserve may include, among other things:

  • The promotion of water conservation
  • Waste reduction and the conscientious use of materials
  • The conscientious production and consumption of food
  • The promotion of energy conservation
  • The use of renewable energy resources
  • Practicing environmental stewardship of its lands
  • The acquisition of sustainable modes of campus transportation
  • The adoption of green building standards

Goal 2 - Villanova University will engage in appropriate learning opportunities with the intention of creating a community whose members (students, faculty, staff, and graduates) are environmentally literate and responsible. Methods to do so may include, among other things:

  • Integrating social and environmental responsibility into curricular development
  • Fostering further research and a deeper understanding of environmentally sustainable development
  • Creating and promoting an informed network of Villanovans committed to the principles of environmental sustainability.




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