SinCo designs ESG architecture for long term sustainable investment that matters. We have no other focus, we have no conflicts of interest, and we have a track record of building hard answers to tough questions in sustainable investment in frontier and emerging markets. Below are a list of our projects, both active and archived. See also


Most of our work is proprietary. We are mission-driven to increase the advanced investment management philosophy that integrates ESG factors. Therefore  with our clients' consent, SinCo may publicly describe the projects currently in progress as a way to share best practices and move forward the frontiers of sustainable investment. Click through for more information on each project (no hyperlink means the client has chosen not to put the project in the public domain).

  • Global Institutional Investor Attitudes Study Q1 - Q4 2014  |  What are the underlying attitudes and practices of institutional investment professionals, and how do these underlying beliefs or frameworks shape investment performance?

  • Africa Pension Investments Study Project Q1 - Q3 2014  |  What is the state of pension funds in Africa, investment regulations and policies by the largest Africa-based pension and sovereign wealth funds?

  • Private Equity in Africa: Impacts and Intentions Project Q4 2013 - Q1 2014 |  What are the development outcomes of a diversified portfolio of private equity funds?  > LINK

  • African Pension Funds Investment Forum Series Q1 - Q4 2014 | How to facilitate live sessions of institutional investment stakeholders in Namibia, Kenya, Malawi, Zambia, South Africa to grow long term investment savings in Africa?  > LINK

  • Special Projects in Nutrition - Impact of Thematic ESG Indexes Q3 2013 - Q1 2014 | What influence on the business of nutrition companies do ratings, rankings and indexes have?

  • Special Projects in Nutrition - The Business of Food - Q3 2013 - Q1 2014 | How do investment decisions get made for food & beverage product innovations?

  • Private Equity Investment in Infrastructure - ESG Architecture Project Q3 2013 - Q4 2014 | How to design, development implement ESG architecture into the investment ecosystem of a private equity infrastructure fund in Africa? 

  • PRI/ Africa Investor Feature Article: Investment Case for Africa Q3 2013  | How are influential investors in Africa making investment decisions in 2014, and does ESG play a role?  > LINK

  • African Pension Funds Investment Forum Series Q1 2013 - Q4 2013| How to grow long term investment savings in Africa to provide institutional funding for economic growth on an inclusive, sustainable and green growth path?  > LINK

  • Access to Nutrition Index (ATNI) Project - Q2 2008 - Q2 2013 | What new approaches to investing new capital in new ways to fight malnutrition may be developed to harness the competition of food & beverage companies and their investors?  > LINK

  • Portfolio Climate Risks Project: WWF + GEPF SA "Navigating Muddy Waters" Series - Q2 2012 - Q1 2014 | How are institutional investors in South Africa adapting their portfolio decisions for externalities like carbon or water?  > LINK

  • Sustainable Returns Project by IFC+POA, Phase I - Q1 2012 - Q4 2013 | What intellectual basis exists for developing an ESG training program for retirement fund trustees in South Africa?  > LINK

  • Frontiers in Sustainable Investment (FinSI) Book Project Q2 2012 - Q4 2014 | Are there new lessons and learnings on the practice of sustainable investment at the frontiers of the theme, and in frontier markets?  > LINK

  • Istanbul Stock Exchange Sustainability Index Project - Q1 2010 - Q2 2013 | What is the investment case for an emerging markets index in a leading emerging markets economy?  > LINK

  • Africa Opportunity Sustainable Investment TV Project  201X  | Why are African investment stories not being told in a compelling narrative that explains the opportunities and risks, tracing the investment of $! in the investment value chain from institutional investor to social entrepreneur, and back?

  • Sustainable Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa II - 201X  |  What advances in drivers and barriers to sustainable investment in private equity and general asset management in Africa has been made since the 2011 report?

  • Private Equity PEACCHIS Briefings - Q3 2011 - Q2 2012  > LINK  |  Are private equity funds seizing all the opportunities in climate change?

  • Sustainable Settlements Financing Facility (SSF) Project - Q3 2011 - Q1 2012  > LINK  |  Can we find institutional investment to finance low-cost hosuing that also has social benefits with low carbon attributes?

  • BRICS Development Bank and Impact Investment Fund Project -  Q1 2013 |  In what way may Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa leverage their political capital with financial capital to develop growing economies?

  • Project - Q1 2009 - Q4 2015  > LINK  |  In what ways can we grow the investment ecosystem in Africa to include environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors?

  • Sustainable Investment / ESG Masterclasses - Q2 2006 - Q4 2015  |  Why should next generation business students, executives and policymakers know about sustainable investment?

  • Sustainable Investment in Private Equity in Southern Africa Project Q2 2011 - Q2 2012  |  What should southern Africa's private equity industry know about ESG?

  • Portfolio Carbon: Dirty Feet Project (South Africa) Project Q3 2011 - Q1 2012 > LINK  |  What is the implied carbon intensity of the institutional investors in Africa's largest institutional investment marketplace?

  • Responsible Investment Roundtable COP17 Side Event Q4 2011 > LINK  |  Will institutional investors - both global and African - support better rules for pricing and regulating externalities form their investment decisions?

  • Sustainable Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa Report Q2 2009 - Q3 2011 > LINK  |  What is the state of sustainable investment in Sub-Saharan Africa, and how are private equity funds, institutional investors and stakeholders viewing the drivers and barriers for increased ESG?

  • ESG-branded South Africa Domestic Listed Equity Portfolio Project Q3 2010  |  What is the addressable market and value proposition for an ESG-branded listed equity product in South Africa?

  • Investors and Biodiversity:  The Natural Value Initiative Project Q3 2008 - Q1 2009  |  Why are institutional investors important to biodiversity in Brazil?

  • ESG inefficiency of Capital Markets in Emerging Economies Project Q1 - Q3 2008  |  How are investors integrating ESG factors in major growing economies?

  • AIG Global Investments Group ESG Architecture Q4 2006 - Q3 2008  |  What is the business case for a global institutional investment manager to integrate ESG across their portfolio across all asset classes?

  • ESG-integrated Long/short Hedge Fund Strategy Q3 - Q42006  |  What is the opportunity for a derivative investment strategy to arbitrage poor/excellent ESG performance by US-listed companies?

See also

  • SinCo Projects Archive 2006 - 2011 > LINK


As a proponent of sustainable investment in frontier and emerging markets, we choose to donate our time and talents pro-bono to important initiatives, projects and people. As architects of sustainable investment, responsible investment, impact investment and other forms of integrating ESG into investment practice, the activities support projects for systemic or investment ecosystem reasons projects.

  • Emerging Markets Disclosure Project 2008 - Present   > LINK

  • Carbon Disclosure Project 2011 - Present   > LINK

  • ASISA Responsible Investments Investments Standing Committee   > LINK

    • ASISA RI SC Prudential Assets Working Group [PAWG] 2009 - 2013

    • ASISA RI Definitions Working Group [DWG] 2011 - 2013

    • Regulation 28 [Reg28] 2011 - 2012  > LINK

  • ESG Masterclass - 2012   > LINK

  • Trends Reports

    • 2013 Trends  Report Project - 2012 -2013  > LINK

    • US Sustainable Investment Forum Trends Reports 2005 - 2007  > LINK


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