Project Portfolio 2006 - 2011

The SinCo portfolio of work ranges from major multi-year, multi-asset class, multi-country investment product architectural re-builds to short-term high quality project management for immediate delivery.  SinCo's role differs from assignment to assignment, sometimes embedding into the investment firm like classic strategic management consultants, at other times acting as advisor and confidant supporting change management or global projects. Each situation is unique, only the skill-set we bring and the years of experience, remains constant.

Below we offer below some high-level descriptions of our work since 2006.

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MGTMGTspacerspacerMANAGEMENT dot Develop sustainable index strategy for emerging market country for national sustainability organization

MGTMGTMFGMKTMANAGEMENT + MANUFACTURING + Marketing dot Designed, developed and executed multi-country sub-Saharan Africa study of sustainable investment in private equity and listed equity asset classes for international development financing institution.

MGTMGTMFGspacerMANAGEMENT + MANUFACTURING dot Conducted global benchmarking study for emerging markets infrastructure fund in Africa

spacerMGTspacerMKTMARKETING dot Developed sustainable index proposition covering sector in developed, emerging and frontier markets for international organization

MGTMGTspacerspacerMANAGEMENT dot Developed proposition and project management for continental not-for-profit sustainable investment network

MGTMGTMFGspacerMANAGEMENT + MANUFACTURING dot Major investment firm global asset management approach to integrating ESG factors

spacerMGTMFGMKTMANUFACTURING + MARKETING dot Mapping input and marketing message for long/short ESG hedge fund in U.S.

spacerMGTspacerMKTMARKETING dot Marketing plan for sustainable finance NGO in Switzerland

spacerMGTspacerMKTMARKETING dot Developing educational materials for practitioner case story of ESG integration in U.S.

spacerMGTspacerMKTMARKETING dot Pension Fund four-day trustee training on responsible investment

spacerMGTMFGMKTMANUFACTURING + MARKETING dot Workshop on PRI and networking in emerging markets for ESG integration in Africa

spacerMGTMFGspacerMANUFACTURING dot Workshopping equity valuation and sustainability gap analysis in Europe

MGTMGTMFGspacerMANAGEMENT + MANUFACTURING dot Developing investment case and investment vehicle ideas for an international organization




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Graham's deep knowledge of and personal dedication for the Sustainable Investment industry made this module particularly insightful even for someone which already had a medium to advanced background in finance as well as CSR. I can but recommend Graham for his lecturing on Sustainable Investments as well as for his selection of pertinent reading materials/case studies and participating presenters.” MBA student, France.

“Graham is passionate and committed to Responsible Investment. I first became aware of Graham in his PRI role. More recently I have worked with Graham on the ASISA Prudential Assets Working Group. The group is working to improve collaboration and consensus in the investment industry on material Responsible Investment issues. A recent important result was the South African Treasury accepting and integrating into Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act, a recommendation from the work group that trustees of Pension Funds should consider material ESG issues for all asset classes. It has been a pleasure to work with Graham." Investment Analyst, leading active institutional investor.

“Graham has a passion for Responsible Investing & Sustainability and as Chair of the Prudential Assets Working Group [PAWG] he brings this unique passion and energy to the group. With his focus and dedication to the sustainability cause, he manages to bring his valuable insights from various experiences in developed markets and always manages to apply this to the South African context. He is a valuable and respected member of the Prudential Assets Working Group.” Analyst, leading African Sustainable Investment Asset Manager



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