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"Build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful." -Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon.com via Wired.com, March 2014.

“The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.” — Dorothy Parker

"10% of people in the financial services industry are psychopaths. And that's a conservative estimate," according to Christopher Bayer, a Wall Street psychotherapist cited by DeCovny.  http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2012/03/psychopaths_on_wall_street.html

"The 100 yr startup: Forget consulting. Build product. That you want and love. And a company you don't want to sell." -Evernote CEO Phil Libin, March 2014.

"No amount of learned skills can substitute for the feeling of having a lot to say, of bringing news. Memories, impressions, and emotions from your first 20 years on earth are most writers' main material; little that comes afterward is quite so rich and resonant. By the age of 40, you have probably mined the purest veins of this precious lode; after that, continued creativity is a matter of sifting the leavings." - John Updike, quoted by The Writers Almanac, 18 March 2014.

“You came here because we do this better than you and part of that is letting our creatives be unproductive until they are.” ― Don Draper, Mad Men S3 - http://quotesondesign.com/don-draper-2/


"Graham brings energy, ideas and networks for solutions to complex challenges linking good business practice with good development practice. He is an exceptional facilitator of expert panels and groups of diverse stakeholders." - Manager, international financing facility, international organization, Geneva.

"Graham was extremely helpful in helping get up the curve on our sustainability initiative. Graham was very knowledgeable and insightful and allowed us to quickly get up the curve on Sustainability." - Chief Administrative Officer, Global Real Estate, trillion-dollar New York headquartered global institutional investor.

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