SinCo is pleased to acknowledge that Graham Sinclair's TEDx presentation was selected by the CFA Institute's point-person on ESG, Mr Usman Hayat, CFA in a note on 22 September 2014 "Sustainable Investing: Five Videos to Watch". Mr Hayat described:

Portfolio Management climate-change-and-sustainable-investing Climate change made global headlines on Sunday, 21 September 2014. People across the world took to the streets in the People’s Climate March, reportedly the largest climate change demonstration ever, to demand action. With its effects being increasingly felt and feared globally, climate change is relevant not just to the natural world but also to investing. There is one strand of investing in which it is among the most important issues, if not the single most important issue: sustainable investing.

Yet despite the persistent news coverage of climate change and the growing understanding of the various environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues in investing, many would agree that there is still a lack of clarity about sustainable investing. Here are five carefully curated videos on sustainable investing that stand out for their focus, the strength of their content, and the effectiveness of their delivery.


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