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Research Seminar

What is the State of Sustainable Investment in Africa?

Cape Town, South Africa, Wednesday 26 July 2012



What is the State of Sustainable Investment in Africa?
with Graham Sinclair

This presentation will analyze the current state of sustainable institutional investment in Africa in 2012, and point to pressing research questions faced by practitioners. It will also describe a collaborative research project being conducted by AfricaSIF.org to map the marketplace in 2012.

Aggregating available information in 2011, the assets under management may be more than US$ 125 billion, making Africa a top 10 global marketplace for sustainable investment. Major emerging markets like South Africa, Morocco and Egypt, and frontier markets like Nigeria, Mauritius and Kenya represent new investable opportunities for global emerging markets investors, and African pension funds, banks and insurance companies looking for long term investments. South Africa has seen some major new developments, such as revised pensions regulation 28, voluntary initiatives such as CRISA, PRI and Carbon Disclosure Project, hosting COP17, carbon tax proposals and investment value chain projects, and the emergence of integrated reporting. The impact investing theme has attracted billions of assets from investors. But what is the impact on sustainable development? What has been learned by the Sustainable Returns project mapping the investment value chain in southern Africa, and the state of environmental, social and governance (ESG) integration?

In 2012, the inaugural AfricaSIF.org Marketplace Trends Report 2012 project will research, analyze and publish a report on the sustainable investment market size and dynamics in 54 countries in Africa. In parallel, for the first time, global SIFs are harmonizing their reporting approaches, so AfricaSIF.org will present an Africa report and contribute the Africa coverage into the global SIFs Trends Report in December 2012. The report will answer the question: how much sustainable investment is in Africa today, and what does it look like? The report is designed to offer a marketplace survey of the institutional investment industry in Africa focused on investments that in some way cover environmental, social and governance factors. The activities of portfolio investors, fund management industry, stock exchanges and other stakeholders will be covered, where relevant, to describe the marketplace. AfricaSIF.org Marketplace Trends Report 2012 project seeks to offer participants learnings on what is / is not being done in Africa, and the ongoing risks and opportunities in the context of economic development in Africa.

SinCo - http://www.sincosinco.com/sustainable-returns-project.php
AfricaSIF.org - http://www.africasif.org/marketplace-and-trends-report.php


Speaker: Graham Sinclair

Graham is Principal at SinCo - sustainable investment consulting (sincosinco.com) - with the role of sustainable investment architect and global project leader. SinCo designs sustainable investment strategies, policies and indexes for institutional investors, stock exchanges and international organizations by modeling environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment architecture.

Before joining KLD in Boston to manage ESG research products, including the Business Ethics 100 index, Graham has nine years specialist experience in sustainable investment globally after eight years in pensions consulting and investment banking in southern Africa, culminating at SEI Investments in Johannesburg. He holds multiple investment industry qualifications and advisory roles, is President of Africa Sustainable Investment Forum [AfricaSIF.org] project, chairs the Prudential Assets Working Group of the ASISA RI sub-committee, and lectures at leading business schools. In 2010 – 2011, Graham was expert advisor to the China-Africa Impact Investing Forum project, a lifetime member of Net Impact, and member of the Investment Analysts Society. Graham’s recently published work includes the IFC report on Sustainable Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa (2011), Dirty Feet: Portfolio Carbon with Trucost (2012), and three chapters of the seminal Evolutions in Sustainable Investing (Wiley Finance, 2011). His current book project, Frontiers in Sustainable Investment: Hard Questions on the Horizons, is planned for 2013 release. Graham has an MBA from Villanova University and an LL.B from the Howard College School of Law. He resides in Cape, South Africa and Vermont, USA. On any given day, Graham would rather be cycling over a mountain pass.

Event Details
Date:           Wednesday 25 July
Time:           13:00 - 14:00 (Light lunch will be served.)
Venue:  Boardroom 1, UCT Graduate School of Business, Portswood Rd, Green Point
For catering and seating purposes, please RSVP to Tamlyn at 021 406 1441 or tamlyn.mawa@gsb.uct.ac.za

Tamlyn Mawa
Research and Faculty Co-ordinator
Graduate School of Business
University of Cape Town
Website:    www.gsb.uct.ac.za

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"Graham was instrumental in the planning, kick-off and growth stages of [FIRM] multi-phased strategy of factoring ESG analysis into the investment decision process. His deep knowledge of sustainability issues, business strategy, risk assessment, and stakeholder engagement helped to form the basis for a highly successful integration of robust environmental, social and governance analysis." -  Sustainable Investment Project Manager, New York, USA.

"Graham quickly mastered our internal needs and requirements, understood our culture, and made broad contributions in equities, fixed income, real estate and alternatives. He was generous in sharing his ideas and stepping up when we needed his expertise, which was transferable across sectors and asset classes."  -  VP Sustainability, trillion-dollar institutional investor, New York, USA.

"Graham brings energy, ideas and networks for solutions to complex challenges linking good business practice with good development practice. He is an exceptional facilitator of expert panels and groups of diverse stakeholders."  -  Manager, international financing facility,international organization, Geneva.

"Graham was extremely helpful in helping get up the curve on our sustainability initiative. Graham was very knowledgeable and insightful and allowed us to quickly get up the curve on Sustainability."  -  Chief Administrative Officer, Global Real Estate, trillion-dollar New York headquartered global institutional investor.

"[SinCo] brings a balanced and realistic perspective to sustainable investment and the claims related to performance. As a sustainable investment architect, [Graham] provides tangible and practical points of view on the subject without sacrificing the intellectual rigour that is needed to better understand the challenges facing the sector. Furthermore, Graham's enthusiastic and entertaining style makes the challenging subject of finance one worth listening to."  -  Associate, global social responsibility consultants, France

“Graham brings energy, ideas and networks for solutions to complex challenges linking good business practice with good development practice. he is an exceptional facilitator of expert panels and groups of diverse stakeholders.”  -  Fund manager, international organization, Geneva, Switzerland.

“Graham has one of the most fantastic international networks that I've ever encountered. His understanding of, and passion for, responsible investment makes him one of the most knowledgeable in the field. I've always been impressed with his delivery and focus.”  -  Sustainability officer, leading premium retailer, Cape Town, South Africa.

“I have known Graham personally for over 20 years. Graham is one of the most motivated and focused people I know. Graham is committed and trusted in his work and in his relationships. He invests passionate effort in everything he does to attain the best”  -  global human resources officer, global investment bank, London, UK.

“Graham launched the Boston Professional chapter of Net Impact and his leadership was instrumental in the chapter being awarded the "Rookie Chapter of the Year" award. Graham steps up, takes the lead, and always goes beyond what's required. I'm pleased to endorse him - highly recommended.”  - Professional Net Impact member, Boston, USA.

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